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About Us


An engineering company UniTeam Group is a team of professional engineers with highest skills and great operational experience in the market of Ukraine, has been operating on the Polish market.

The Company uses in its work the equipment and technologies from European and world manufacturers such as Bosch, Minimax, Viking, Essmann, Schrack Seconet, Mercor, STG Beikirch, BFT, IBFM, Schnieder Electric.

The Company's employees knowledge and qualification are confirmed with the certificates of equipment manufacturers. Experience and high operational level are confirmed with gratuities and recommendations.

Our key activities are the following:

  • Designing the internal utilities and fire protection systems;
  • Direct supplies and sale of equipment from the manufacturer;
  • Installation and commissioning of utilities and fire protection systems;


The following basic areas of activities can be identified:

  • Construction of fire protection systems (fire alarm, fire extinguishing (water, foam, gas), automatic fire alarm systems, smoke removal (forced, fa├žade, roof), fire resistant doors and gates).
  • Construction of the building utilities (electrical networks and lighting, structured cable network, utilities' dispatching, access control systems, closed-circuit television system);
  • Sale of the gate, door and window automation equipment;