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Equipment sale


Sales Department of UniTeam Group sales equipment for the following systems:

  • fire alarm systems (fire alarm control panel, detectors and indicating equipment….) from Bosch Security Systems, Schrack Seconet, Teletek Electronics;
  • water-type fire extinguishing systems (valves, sprinklers, drenchers….) from MINIMAX, VIKING;
  • facade-type smoke removal systems (control modules, chain and rod drives….) from STG Beikirch;
  • roof-type smoke removal systems (roof lights, light lines, protection grids….) from ESSMANN;
  • intrusion protection alarm systems (control and indicating equipment, keyboards, annunciators…) from Satel, Teletek Electronics;
  • automation of territories, parkings, garages (roadway bars, locking devices, drives for sliding and swinging gates….) from BFT;
  • dispatching and automation of utilities (controllers, expansion modules, power devices….) from Jonson Controls, Schneider Electric, Siemens.


  • fire protection doors and gates from Mercor;
  • furniture (rolls, guiding elements…) for producing the gates (sliding and swinging) from IBFM.

Sales Department provides:

  • individual price level;
  • high-quality and quick service;